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BisPhenol A
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BisPhenol A (BPA)

Cas: 80-05-7

BisPhenol A (BPA) is a colorless solid with a molecular formula C15H16O2 that is soluble in organic solvents, but not in water.


BisPhenol A Chemical Structure Composition.




BisPhenol A is produced with phenol and acetone in reaction catalysed by chloridric acid.

There are 2 grades of bisphenol A, for epoxy resin and for polycarbonate production (higher purity).


Bisphenol A is mainly used in the manufacture of Epoxy Resins, Polycarbonate (baby bottle, sunglasses, CD, DVD), Vinyl Ester Resins, Epoxy-copolymer Resins, Composite resins, Can Coatings (for upscaling epoxy), and PVC additives.

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