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Green Chemistry

The world is changing. Global news channels constantly report the warming climate, the Oceans contaminated with plastic and waste not seen before in human history. The blame is laid at the feet of the chemical industry as one of the many reasons why humans have created this scene.
However, the industry is not standing still and ignoring these pleas. There is a vibrant bio (green) sector within our industry that is supporting the rapid expansion of safer chemicals that use less of the earths resources and trying to develop a commercially viable circular economy.
Arpadis is aware of many of these new bio products, some have yet to be made commercially available to us and others are struggling against petroleum-based products which slows their progress into the mainstream market.
As an example we have available bio solvents and fatty acids from food waste, we have potential cosmetic ingredients from leading universities and we monitor the ever changing market place for new chemicals constantly.
Therefore, if you have a bio project to start or you would like a general discussion about the bio markets and how Arpadis can help, then please get in touch and ask for Green Chems, knowledge base.

  • 2-Octyl Alcohol
  • Glycerin
  • New Plasticizers
  • Potassium Succinate
  • Triacetin
  • Dibasic Esters