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Mono Pentaerythritol
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Mono Pentaerythritol


Mono Pentaerythritol also known as tetramethylolmethane, and THME is a polyhydric alcohol that contains four primary hydroxyl groups with the molecular formula C5H12O4, CAS: 115-77-5. It is a white, odourless, crystalline solid however it can also be a white, crystalline free-flowing powder.  It is moderately soluble in cold water, is freely soluble in hot water, and is slightly soluble in alcohol. It has a specific gravity of 1.396, a flash point of 240°C and it is stable under normal conditions.

Mono Pentaerythritol Chemical Structure Composition.


Mono Pentaerythritol is synthesized from the aldol condensation of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.  The aldehyde that is produced then undergoes a cross- Cannizzaro reaction where one molecule of pentaerythritose is reduced to pentaerythritol. 

China is the largest producer of Pentaerythritol in the world.  The growth in production in China has occurred due to the strong demand of the local automotive and construction industries.


The main commercial and industrial role for Mono Pentaerythritol is as a chemical intermediate as it is a basic material for polymer production.  It is mainly employed in the manufacture of alkyd resins and paints, where it enhances the drying speed, hardness, and the water resistance of these paints.

The second largest market for mono pentaerythritol is in the production of neopolyol esters for synthetic lubricants.  It ensures both the hydrolytic resistance, and the viscosity control, of these lubricants.

It is also employed in the preparation of polyvinyl chloride stabilisers, plasticisers, antioxidants, adhesives and sealants, varnishes and inks.  It is also used to make radiation-curing monomers, and rosin esters.

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