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Energy / Oil

Energy extraction demands a huge effort to fulfil the demands of a growing world population. New extraction technologies and decommissioning regulations are driving the industry to seek out alternative suppliers. Arpadis can be part of your supply chain, providing down well products and onshore chemical infrastructure. The diverse products we offer can be seen below:

  • HEDP Acid Ammonium bisulphite
  • HEDP Na4 Liquid Monoethylene Glycol
  • DTPMP acid Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)
  • DTPMP Nax Guar Gum
  • DTPMP Na7 Ion Exchange Resins
  • DTPMP Na7 Natural Minerals
  • ATMP Acid Specialised Oils
  • ATMP Na5
  • EDTPMP Na5
  • Modified Phosphonate
  • Feve resins – technology for wind turbine coatings
  • New Drilling Technique using compressed air