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Mono Ethylene Glycol
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Mono Ethylene Glycol – Fibre

CAS :107-21-1

Mono Ethylene Glycol also known as MEG is a clear, colourless, virtually odourless, and slightly viscous liquid.  It is miscible with water, alcohols, and many organic compounds, and has the molecular formula C2H6O2, CAS: 107-21-1. It has a specific gravity of 1.115 and a flash point of 110 °C.

Mono Ethylene Glycol
Mono Ethylene Glycol


Mono Ethylene Glycol is produced by the oxidation of ethylene at a high temperature in the presence of a silver oxide catalyst.  The ethylene oxide is then hydrated to yield mono ethylene glycol with di and tri ethylene glycols as co-products.


Monoethylene glycol (MEG) is an important raw material for industrial applications. MEG is utilized in the manufacture of polyester (PET) resins, films, fibers, antifreezes, coolants, aircraft anti-icer and deicers and solvents.

It is also utilised as raw material for paper industry, polyester Resins, adhesives and inks, chemical Intermediates, Heat Transfer, Fluids.

It is also a used as a dehydration agent in natural gas pipelines where it inhibits the formation of natural gas clathrates.