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1,6 Hexandiol (HDO)


1,6 Hexanediol is an low toxic organic compound from the family of diols with the molecular formula C6H14O2, CAS 629-11-8.  It’s a colourless crystalline solid. It is soluble in water and it’s hygroscopic.


1,6 Hexanediol Chemical Structure Composition.


1,6 Hexandiol (HDO) is a diol obtained by the hydrogenation of the adipic acid.


HDO is mainly used in PU application as chain extender to improve resistance to hydrolysis, flexibility, improved adhesion and hardness.

In polyester polyols, the use of HDO give flexibility and toughness. The others main uses are intermediate for coatings (2K), adhesives, polymeric plasticizers, reactive diluent for UV-coatings, …

In cosmetic application HDO allow the control of viscosity and can be used as humectant.

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