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Meta Xylene Diamine (MXDA)
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Meta Xylene Diamine

CAS: 147750

MXDA is an amine curing agent that is used in combination with epoxy resins to formulate two component epoxy coating formulations.
MXDA can be formulated into both solvent free and solvent based epoxy coatings to achieve excellent chemical resistance and fast curing at low temperatures.

Typical applications include industrial floor coatings , especially for heavy duty purposes.

Provides excellent chemical resistance, especially compared to IPDA (Isophorone Diamine).
Fast curing even at low temperatures, due to the presence of unhindered primary amines
Low AHEW (Amine Hydrogen Equivalent Weight) leads to cost savings through material reduction cf. IPDA.

Low viscosity (ease of handling).
Heat resistance is better than aliphatic amines because of the aromatic backbone.
The product is soluble in ether, benzene and water, insoluble in cyclohexane, n-hexane etc.


As an epoxy curing agent in solvent free and solvent based epoxy coatings for applications such as flooring, heavy duty protective coatings (wind turbines, bridges, chemical tanks etc).

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