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TriMellitic Anhydride
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TriMellitic Anhydride (TMA)

Cas: 552-30-7

Trimellitic Anhydride

TriMellitic Anhydride Chemical Structure Composition.


TriMellitic Anhydride (TMA) is a petrochemical intermediate manufactured in solid form. Feedstock is Trimethyl benzene (Pseudo Cumene).

TMA is not considered hazardous for transport but is hazardous and toxic for handling.


TriMellitic Anhydride is used in polyester resins for coatings, polyamide resins (Nylon), wire enamel, plasticiser (TOTM), Trimellitic copolymer for cosmetics, reagent in chemical synthesis, printing inks, coatings, adhesives, foils and similar applications, as a binder for glass fibers, sand, and other aggregates, plasticizers/PVC, as a reactant in wire and cable insulation enamels and polyester resins in powder coatings, epoxy curing agent, textile sizing agent, rubber curing accelerator, electrostatic toner binder, vinyl cross-link agent.

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