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HexaHydroPhthalic Anhydride
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HexaHydroPhthalic Anhydride (HHPA)

CAS: 85-42-7.

HexaHydroPhthalic Anhydride is a white solid or clear liquid if melted with molecular formula C8H10O3.

Hexahydrophthalic Anhydride

HexaHydroPhthalic Anhydride Chemical Structure Composition.




HHPA is mainly used as an intermediate for coating resins (alkyds, polyesters), plasticizers, sealant, curing agent in adhesive, insect repellents, rust  inhibitors, electronics applications.

HHPA’s low melt viscosity, as well as its high mix ratio with epoxy resins, makes it particularly suitable as hardener  for epoxy resin for applications where high filler loadings are required.

HHPA is preferred over other aromatic anhydrides in casting and coating applications for his higher resistance to yellowing.

HHPA has high-temperature stability, excellent dielectric properties, and high glass transition temperatures.

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