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CAS: 67-64-1

Acetone also known as Dimethylketone, Dimethylketal or 2-Propanone is a clear, colorless, liquid with the molecular formula  C₃H6O, CAS: 67-64-1. It is a flammable, low toxic, water-miscible compound with a variety of everyday uses in industry, the laboratory, pharmaceuticals.

Acetone Chemical Structure Composition.




Acetone is usually produced as a by-product from phenol production and is derived, in this instance, from propylene and benzene, which are the main raw materials used to make phenol.

The world annual production of acetone is several millions of tons. Its flashpoint is -17.8°C and then highly flammable. The specific gravity  of acetone is 0.8.


Acetone is used as a precursor to other chemicals, the most common use being as a precursor to methyl methacrylat. The pharmaceutical industry uses acetone as a denaturant to produce denatured alcohol.

Acetone is used as a solvent, providing the active ingredient in many cleaning products, nail polish removers and paint, resin, adhesive thinners and various degreasers.

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