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Polyether Amine D2000
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Polyether amine D2000

CAS: 9046-10-0

Polyether amine D2000 is a member of a family of polyamines having repeat oxypropylene units in the backbone. Polyether amine D2000 is a difunctional primary amine with an average molecular weight of approximately 2000. Its amine groups are located on secondary carbon atoms at the ends of an aliphatic polyether chain. Polyether amine D2000 is light in colour and low in viscosity, its vapor pressure is extremely low. Polyether amine D2000 is completely miscible in a wide variety of solvents, however, it is only slightly soluble in water.


•   Crosslinker for polyurea

•   Co-reactant in epoxy systems where adhesion promotion and flexibility are important

•   Surfactant and corrosion inhibitor applications


   Low color

•   Increased peel strength in epoxy adhesives

•   Increased toughness

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