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Blowing agent
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Blowing agent

Blowing agent plays a fundamental role in the production of polystyrene (PS), polyurethane (PU) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulations foam. A small quantity of blowing agent indirectly provides important performance characteristics to these foams as great thermal insulation properties.

  • Pentane :

Pentane is a hydrocarbon solvent coming directly from the natural gas and crude oil. The product is separated from the other alkanes in an oil refinery by fractional distillation and isomerisation. This gas is one of the most volatile liquid alkane at ambient temperature. It is also used as a solvent that can evaporate quickly and easily.

Pentane as blowing agent in (PUR) insulation foam :

  • N-Pentane (CAS : 78-78-4)


  • Isopentane (CAS : 78-78-4)


  • Cyclo pentane (CAS : 287-92-3)

Cyclo pentane

  • Or our following blends :
    • Blend iso/n-pentane (25 – 75%) : It is a mixture of 25% of isopentane and 75% of n-pentane.
    • Blend iso/n-pentane (20 – 80%) : It is a mixture of 20% of isopentane and 80% of n-pentane.
    • Blend iso/cylo-pentane (30 – 70%) : It is a mixture of 30% of isopentane and 70% of cyclopentane.

Regarding the safety and effects on health, the pentane is highly flammable and can cause if it’s inhaled euphoria, headache, tinnitus and nausea.

Packaging : Bulk

  • HFO :



As Arkema distributor we offer also Forane® FBA 1233zd (CAS : 109-66-0 ) which is a high performance blowing agent. The FBA 1233zd is an hydrofluoroolefin. This molecule is composed by hydrogen, fluorine and carbon. HFOs are relatively stable compounds, but are reactive. This blowing agent improves the Thermal Performance of Foam and it’s environmentally-friendly  thanks to  ODP (=0) and GWP (=1). HFO are produce by a reaction between HF and chlorosolvent.

Packaging : sample of 10kg, vertical cylinder or horizontal (900kg), isotank.