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Official distributor of Forane® 1233zd from Arkema
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In October 2017, Arpadis become one of Arkema’s official distributors for the 4th generation blowing agent, the Forane® 1233zd.

The Forane® 1233zd is a Hydro Fluoro Olefin (HFO) that is mainly used to improve the thermal performance of foam in continuous and discontinuous sandwich panel (showing up to 10% better results vs to pentane as well as 4% vs HFC-245fa ). Furthermore The Forane® 1233zd has extremely low GWP (Global Warming Potential), low environmental impact, better blowing efficiency, improved foam properties and excellent initial and long term insulation values , whereas this product is non-flammable .

For 2023, the quantity of HFC available on the market will be highly reduced and replaced by HFO in all types of foam. (cf. Regulation F-Gas).

Arpadis sales Team do the best to fully meet the needs of our customer thanks to a very good relationship and support of the marketing and R&D Arkema’s team.

Arkema is a French specialty chemicals and advanced materials company with headquarter based in Paris. Arkema’s products can be found in many application (paints, adhesives, sport, animal feed, transport, automotive, aerospace, packaging, building & construction,…). Present in 55 countries, Arkema has 20.000 employees in 136 plants and 13 R&D centres.