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Arpadis Benelux NV has been distributing chemicals since 1999.  The company is now established through subsidiaries and offices in The Benelux, Germany, France, UK, U.A.E., Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, China and Taiwan.

The privately-owned enterprise has consolidated sales over Euro 100Mn. and is now a leading distributor in the Coatings, Polyurethanes, Inks, Adhesives, Wire Enamels and other industries.

The Acrylates and Monomers product group is the defining product mix that sets Arpadis apart from its competitors. The Polyurethanes business at Arpadis has also embedded itself as a core activity with a wide range of products on offer.

The last 3-4 years has also seen the significant addition of Speciality Chemicals through close relationships with global blue-chip manufacturers. Notable new supply-partnerships is

  • DYTEK® HMD Amine, for which we offer full repacking and dilution service with all grades and packing types available from 1 drum to full truck loads.

Other speciality products added to our range in recent years, are:

  • DAINISHISEKA/DAICOLOR range of Pigments, Pigment Paste and Acrylic Polymer Beads (RUBCOULEUR ®)
  • DOXA® range of Additives (Dispersing Agents, Wetting & Levelling Agents, Adhesion Promoters, Defoamers,Functional Additives)
  • FEVE – Fluoropolymer Resins for Coatings

Arpadis employs 40 people in its different European operations with a philosophy of flexibility to engage with our customers. It has been a long standing aim and ambition of Arpadis to combine old values with innovative ideas throughout the chemical supply chain. The Arpadis team consists of technical experts in the fields of Coatings, Polyurethanes, Inks, Textiles, Plastics and Colorants as well as experienced staff members with expert knowledge in the fields of Chemical distribution, Procurement, Storage and Logistics.

The global chemical supply chain is evolving rapidly bringing with it new challenges, alternative products, revised legislation and a shift towards consolidation alongside a changing feedstock scene all of which is having dramatic effects on our customers’ long term plans. Arpadis understands the dynamics of this rapid evolution from a customers’ viewpoint and works relentlessly to meet the requirements of this constantly changing environs.
A customer-focused approach, fast responsiveness thanks to a lean management and team structure, sound product knowledge and the flexible attitude adopted worldwide ensures that Arpadis is at the cutting edge of the supply chain at all times. Working with major global producers and SME’s alike at the same time, responding to environmental responsibilities by seeking alternative products and materials coupled with more efficient supply chains are some of our added virtues as a distributor. Arpadis is of the firm belief that efficiency and innovation belong together as we continually strive to improve and better the value proposition.

Across Europe the company has a number of warehouses and blending/filling facilities that are third party owned and strategically selected to offer quick response times plus safe and secure storage. An ISO management system is in place with the company also having signed-up to the Responsible Care® Programme supported by many EU chemical trade associations.
For the future, the business model will continue with more products aligned with the Coatings, Polyurethanes, Inks, Textiles and other industry segments placing Arpadis at the forefront of the global supply chain.