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1,4–CycloHexaneDiMethanol (1,4 CHDM)

Cas: 105-05-8


1,4–CycloHexaneDiMethanol Chemical Structure Composition.

1,4–CycloHexaneDiMethanol (1,4 CHDM) is a colorless low-melting solid used  with molecular formula C8H16O2.


1,4–CycloHexaneDiMethanol (1,4 CHDM) is produced by catalytic hydrogenation reaction of Dimethyl Terephtalate (DMT) with a Ruthenium catalyst. 

Excellent corrosion resistance in fiberglass, excellent hardness with flexibility, highly reactive hydroxyl groups.


1,4–CycloHexaneDiMethanol (1,4 CHDM) is mainly used in polyethylene Terephtalate Glycolised (PETG), polyester resins, used as a glycol modifier for resins containing NPG glycol, metal and automotive coating, durable polyester polyol for PU coatings.

In powder coating, enhance low T° resistance & weatherability of coating, and improve the gloss, the hydrolytic stability, plasticity, transparency, printability.

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