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There are two major kind of polyols used in Polyurethane : polyester polyols and polyether polyols.

Polyester polyols are produced by reacting acid and glycol.

Main acids utilized are Adipic, Isophtalic, Terephtalic, Succinic, Sebacic

Main glycols utilized are MEG, DEG, BDO, HDO, NPG, TMP.

Polyester polyols

Polyether polyols are made by reacting organic oxide and glycol

Main organic oxide utilized are EO, PO, BO, Epichlorohydrin.

Main glycols utilized are EG, PG, Water, Glycerine, Sorbitol, Sucrose, THME.

Polyether polyols

The decision to use a polyether rather than polyester will depend on the final properties of the material (abrasion resistance, heat resistance, hardness, solvent resistance, shock absorption, …).

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