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DoDecaneDioic Acid
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DoDecaneDioic Acid (DDDA)

Cas: 693-23-2

Dodecanedioic acid (DDDA) is a dibasic acid. It’s a white flakes solid with a molecular formula C12H22O4.

DoDecaneDioic Acid

Dodecanedioic Acid Chemical Structure Composition.


There are two different routes to produce DDDA: synthetic production and biological production.

Traditionally, DDDA is produced from butadiene using a chemical process. The butadiene is converted into cyclododecatriene through a cyclotrimerization process. The cyclododecatriene is then converted into dodecanedioic acid. Feedstock is methanol

A newer approach is biological production. Using biotechnology, DDDA is created from Paraffin wax with yeast (Candida Tropicalis). This way has made DDDA a cost-effective compound.


Dodecanedioic Acid is mainly used in top-grade powder coatings and paint, adhesives, pulp & paper, chemical and industrial facilities, surfactants, antiseptics.

In combination with Amine, DDDA is used to produce engineering plastics polyamide resins wich is a high performance nylon 6-12, adhesives, diester synthetic lubricants, fibers, curatives, plasticizers, polyester coatings, epoxy resins.

When used in a mixture with other dibasic acids DDDA is especially effective as a ferrous corrosion inhibitor for metalworking fluids, engine coolants, metal cleaners, aqueous hydraulic fluids. DDDA can also be used as a complexing agent for lithium complex grease which will increase dropping point and improve mechanical stability.

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