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Di Propylene Glycol
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Di Propylene Glycol

CAS: 25265-71-8

Di Propylene Glycol also known as oyybispropanol, 2,2-dihydroxyisopropylether, 1,1-oxydipropane-2-ol, di-1,2-propylene glycol, and DPG is a clear, colourless, viscous liquid with a characteristic odour and the molecular formula C6H14O3, CAS: 25265-71-8. It is fully miscible in water and is also miscible with many organic solvents.  It has a flash point of 124 °C and a specific gravity of 1.023.

Di Propylene Glycol


Di propylene glycol is produced as a byproduct of propylene glycol production which occurs in a propylene oxide hydrolysis process.  Tri propylene glycol is another by-product of this process.


Di propylene glycol finds use as a chemical intermediate across a range of industries.  It is used as a component in the production of high volume plasticiser. It is also an initiator in urethane polyols, and a reactant in unsaturated polyurethane resins where it adds flexibility and hydrolytic stability.  It is also used for cutting oils, in hydraulic brake fluid production, and is a solvent for agricultural chemicals such as insecticides.  It is also used as a solvent for printing inks, nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, lacquers and coatings.  It is an ingredient in industrial soaps and also has a role in the refining industry where it is used as an extraction solvent to extract aromatics.

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