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TriMethylol Propane
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TriMethylol Propane (TMP)

Cas: 77-99-6

Trimethylol Propane (TMP) is a triol present as a colourless solid with the molecular formula C6H14O3. 

TriMethylol Propane

Trimethylol Propane Chemical  Structure Composition.


Trimethylol propane is produced via a 2 step reaction.

The first step is the condensation of Butanal and formaldehyde. The second step is a reaction with formaldehyde at high pH.

When used for alkyds it gives more resistance to water and chemicals compared to glycerol. 


Alkyd resins for coatings, polyesters resins , Silicone, Acrylates, Adhesives and sealants, Electric insulation coatings, Pigments, Ink, Toner, and Colorant Products, Fabric, Textile, and Leather Products, Food Packaging, production of flexible polyurethanes, PU resin.

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