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Teraspartic 277
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CAS: 136210-30-5

Teraspartic 277 is an aminofunctional resin with the chemical name: Aspartic Acid, N,N ‘-(Methylenedi-4,l,cyclohexanediyl)Bis-,l,1,4,4’-Tetraethyl Ester, the product is a colourless to pale yellow liquid.

Teraspartic 277 react with a polyisocyanate to make a high solid resin, two-component polyurethane topcoats and solvent-free coating materials.






Teraspartic 277 is manufactured by the reaction of diethyl maleate and bis-(p-aminocyclohexyl) methane. 

Uses: Teraspartic® 277 is designed for use in high-performance, fast-cure, solvent free, low VOC, low-odour coatings for application when properly formulated over a variety of substrates. Applications for polyaspartic coatings include use on concrete, metal, and wood, with and without primer, when properly formulated. Excellent intercoat adhesion also allows application on epoxy and polyurethane. An outstanding attribute of polyaspartic coatings is in one-coat applications that are labour-efficient for the applicator.

It is suitable for the formulation of high-solids,

Arpadis is the European distributor of the Teraspartic® technology