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Acrylic Sheets
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The highest quality PMMA sheets are produced by cell casting. The polymerization and molding steps occur concurrently.Liquid ingredients mix in glass molds to form Cast Acrylic. Casting is more labor intensive and more expensive. Casting yields a harder, sturdier, and more homogenous product. Casting lends greater chemical resistance over extrusion, making it the preferred material for uses involving fragrance, lotions, or other solvents. Available in a broad range of standard and custom colors for a variety of applications, cast acrylic is more pliable than extruded, less likely to bend, chip, or melt during milling.

Injection Molding

  • Melt temperature : 200-250°C
  • Mold temperature : 40-80°C
  • High injection pressures are needed because of poor flow properties and it may be necessary to inject slowly to get the correct flow
  • Internal stresses can be eliminated by heating at 80°C