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Polyaspartic Amines
Arpadis-Pflaumer Distribution
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Polyaspartic Amines

Arpadis have been appointed as the official distributor for the Teraspartic® range of polyaspartic amines, manufactured by Pflaumer Brothers Incorporated.  The distribution agreement covers the sales and promotion of this product range within Europe and the Middle East.

Polyaspartic amines are sterically hindered, secondary aliphatic diamines and co-reactants for polyisocyanates, suitable for the formulation of high-solids, two component polyurea topcoats and solvent free coatings. The advantages of the polyaspartic amines include, fast cure, high film build, ultra-high solids to zero VOC, fast drying times, and excellent UV stability. Typical applications, include direct to metal coatings for agricultural and construction machinery, top coats for wind turbines rotor blades and floor coatings.

Founded 86 years ago, Pflaumer Brothers, Inc. is a North American based manufacturer of specialty chemicals based on proprietary technology for coatings, inks, plastics, metalworking fluids and lubricants. The company is the leader in offering polyaspartic amines in North America along with specially designed lines of colourants, functional additives, reactive diluents, and non-reactive diluents. Unique aliphatic trimer isocyanates are marketed especially for polyaspartic coatings to supplement its complete line of aliphatic isocyanates.