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(CAS : 124-09-04)

Hexamethylenediamine is obtained from the adiponitrile. HMD and adipic acid are the starting materials for nylon 6,6 used widely in textiles and plastics. HMD reduce yellowing in PU resin. HMD can react with the phosgene and produce the HDI HexamethylenDiIsocyanate. The main uses are epoxy curing agents, petroleum, adhesives, inks, scale and corrosion inhibitors, water treatment chemicals and disinfectants.

HMD is moderately toxic. It can cause serious burns and severe irritation.

This product can be founded as various grade  : HMD 100% – HMD 90% – HMD 80% – HMD 70%

Packaging : Drums, IBC

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