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Arpolith gives flowers and plants more energy for vital growth and shining colours – even if the summer is exceptionally warm or if you can’t always find time for watering.

Why? Because Arpolith is a naturalreservoirfor water and nutrients.It stores humidity in the soil which otherwise would evaporate or seep away – up to 30 times its own weight. Like a sponge. | And when the soil gets dryer it releases this moisture to the plant roots

The application is really easy:

Mix 50 grammes of Arpolith with 10 litres of substrate – that’s equivalent to 2 teaspoonfuls for one flowerpot of 12 cm diameter – and plant the flowers as usual, but make sure not to fill too much of the mixture into the pots and tubs, it will swell noticeably! | Afterwards the plants should be watered generously so that the Arpolith granules become really saturated.

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Arpolith achieves optimum conditions for the growth of your flowers and plants, trees and bushes. Even if rain takes a long time to come or if time for irrigation is scarce.

For Arpolith is a natural water and nutrients reservoir. | Like a sponge it absorbs humidity which otherwise would seep away or evaporate – up to 30 times its own weight. | Arpolith stores the water in the ground, and when the soil gets dryer it releases it to the roots of plants

What you need to do?

Just spread 200 grammes of Arpolith – that’s about one mug – per square metre of ground and work it into the soil with a cultivator or other gardening tools. | Or, if you sow or set plants in rows,add some 50 grammes per metre of groove. | Afterwards the plants should be watered generously so that the Arpolith granules will be really saturated.

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Trees are a symbol of strength and steadiness. But they start their life as saplings that need to be carefully tended before they are strong enough to face the full force of nature. And then, when they have reached old age, they once again need care and support.

Like all plants, trees and bushes will prosper best if they are regularly supplied with water and nutrients. Which is what Arpolith does. Arpolith ensures that water is available to the roots even if rainfall takes a long time to come. For Arpolith absorbs water which otherwise seeps away or evaporates, stores it in the ground like a sponge and releases it over time to the root system.

How Arpolith gets into the soil?

In nurseries Arpolith can simply be mixed into the soil when planting or replanting saplings and trees – two tablespoons of Arpolith per 5-l-container are enough. | And on solitary trees,the “ArpoLift” injection lance can be used to introduce air into the ground to aerate it, then to pump a mixture of Arpolith and water into the soil. Around 120 litres of water can thus be additionally stored in the root system of one single tree, which otherwise would seep away unused

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