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2-Hydroxy-Ethyl Acrylate (2-HEA)
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2-Hydroxy-Ethyl Acrylate (2-HEA)

CAS: 818-61-1

2-Hydroxy-Ethyl Acrylate

2-Hydroxy-Ethyl Acrylate is a Colourless transparent liquid with molecular formula C5H8O3. 2-HEA is readily miscible with water and most organic solvents, alcohol, ether and other organic solvents.


Ethylene oxide is reacted with acrylic acid to produce hydroxyethyl acrylate.


2-Hydroxy-Ethyl Acrylate (2-HEA) is mainly used in production high performance automotive coatings, photocurable acrylic resin, emulsion polymers , light-sensitive coating, Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), textile treating agent, water quality stabilizer, high polymer material and as an additive in personal care products and ion exchange resins